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Getting Ready for Summer Style!

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Prepping for summer style is one of our favorite pastimes. We adore those soft colors and those outfits made just for those warm nights, and we can’t wait until it’s finally here! For us, summer represents a season of creativity where we can experiment with textures, colors, and fabrics to create a real fashion that’s dedicated to everything that makes this season so wonderful - so can you blame us for being excited?

An aspect that we love to play around with is color, especially when we’re making a palette that goes with all the colors of summer. With all of the fresh greens that the trees are sporting, we like to pair it with pastels, like a neutral pink top, or a sky blue dress with a rosy print to fit in with all of the new blooms. White goes with everything, and it’s perfect for when you’re trying to stay cool on those sunnier days. We like to wear our sundresses in white, especially when they’ve got lacy patterns that remind us of living that country life. Some of our favorite musings, though, is thinking about what accessories are just the right pop of color to make an outfit. You wouldn’t believe it, but something as simple as a turquoise earring can make or break it!

Textures are fun to work with as well, and there’s so many summery options to choose from. One of our all time favorites is the classic denim, in all of its variations. It gives us so much inspiration because it’s so versatile, and we love being creative and coming up with new styles inspired from it. Soft fabrics are the best thing for lounging around in on those sunny days off, so much so that a lot of summer style is woven from them, all for your comfort. And because the sun plays such a big role in the season, tanning is a must, and we love showing it off with fancier off-shoulder tops or any stylish tank and denim shorts. Donning some softer fabrics is the perfect way to prep for this wondrous season!

The best preparation, though, is done knowing that this season is one made for adventure. Whether venturing out to the beach, going out and climbing the peaks, or spending a day exploring downtown, there’s always something new to do, and it’s done best with friends. Summer style is all about loose fittings that are made to catch the breeze, and about lovely neutral colors that blend with your gorgeous surroundings, so you can always get that perfect selfie to remember your adventures by. When you have a mindset that’s set on experiencing everything summer has to offer, your fashion will follow suit, and fit you wonderfully.

Summer is a time for friends, fun, and fashion, so of course it’s one of our favorites. Just thinking about it inspires us, and makes us want to get outdoors and soak it all in. One of the best seasons is just around the corner, so let’s go out and get creative together!

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