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Hottest Summer Colors for 2018

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Summer is all about color. From the deep blue sky, to the lively greens of new growth, to the rolling beiges of sand on the beachfront, color is all around us; it’s inspiring! The summer months come with their own fashionable palette, and part of enjoying these warmer months is putting together your own colorful and seasonal wardrobe. If the thought of figuring out what shades go best with your skin gets you in a tizzy, don’t worry! Our tips will put you right at ease so you can get back to soaking up the sun.

First things first, though, you have to know what undertone your skin has: warm or cool. The quick and easy way is to look at the veins in the underside of your wrist: if they look blue or purple, you have a cool tone, and you’re a warm tone if they look green or have a yellow cast. If you have trouble figuring out which you have, you most likely have neutral undertones, which go with just about anything! Now, on to this summer’s hottest colors:


From violet to lavender to mauve, there are tons of tones to choose from in this romantic hue. This summer is all about bright and bold, and you can’t go wrong with purple. The sophisticated color won over the runways this year with its elegant magnetism, and has shown no signs of falling away from the spotlight!

If you’re cool: opt for frosty purples, like violet or our Want You Back shorts

If you’re warm: to go with your golden undertones, go with a mix, like red violet

If you’re neutral: you have the whole rainbow available, but softened colors like lavender will look best!


Rose-colored everything is all the rage in the fashion world this year, but red has always been bold and beautiful. Pinks give off a summer vibe with its dreamy pastel tone, and deep reds remind us of biting into the juiciest strawberries. Some of the best joys of summer wrapped up in one gorgeous color!

If you’re cool: stick with darker berry reds, as brighter tomato reds might be tough to pull off

If you’re warm: reds like our Time To Fly shift dress are your friend, but jeweled tones, like red ruby, will be difficult for you

If you’re neutral: bold reds might overwhelm your balance, but muted tones like raspberry look gorgeous on you


Summer is known for its wonderful blue skies, and the same blue was a hit on the runway this year. The color is serene and fresh, so it’s no wonder you’ve been seeing it on everyone. If you want to evoke memories of your favorite breezy summer days, wear this color!

If you’re cool: blue is your pal, especially sea tones and royal blue, or the light blue of our Pretty Girl floral maxi, so have fun with it!

If you’re warm: your best blues are teal and periwinkle - if you go chillier, your skin will give off a grayish cast

If you’re neutral: any blue will do, but the ultra-brights, like electric blue, might tip the scales


Green is back in full force this year, and lighter shades like nile green have been taking the stage by storm. It’s the color of nature and new growth, so of course we’re drawn back to it year after year. The whole spectrum is full of delicate and invigorating tones, and we’re happy to see it back on trend this summer!

If you’re cool: emerald is a great pick for you, but greens with yellow undertones, like chartreuse, usually won’t work

If you’re warm: warmer greens, like olive, fern, and green moss are perfect, and will bring out your lovely skin tone

If you’re neutral: anything that falls in the middle like jade green will work, or get active in our olive Completely Obsessed joggers!

If you love these colors, then you’re in the right season! Our latest styles are the perfect blends of everything wonderful about summer, perfect for those warm nights painting the town red or those last-minute road trips to the beach. Check out our new arrivals here!

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