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The Best Dresses for Any Occasion

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We think Rachel Roy said it best: “A great dress can make you remember what is beautiful about life.” Whether they’re long and flowing, or elegant and timeless, the best ones make you see the whole world in a different way. We love to wear them whenever we can, and we have our favorites that you can find us in no matter where we are. Barring a wedding or wake, here are our picks for the best dresses to wear to any occasion! 

June Striped Midi Dress: The perfect thing to wear to a sunny day and primed for catching the evening breeze, this is one of our all-time faves! Its mauve and white stripes fit in anywhere, while showing you off as the knockout in the room wherever you go. Wear it out on the town with flats or heels, and out to dinner with your friends; you can’t go wrong with this one! Midi dresses have long been a favorite of ours, because you also can move so easily in them...sitting, standing, no worries about a stray hemline blowing with the breeze.

Sweet Love Maxi: A breath of fresh air mixed with a blast from the past, this dress was made to match your carefree personality. Its adjustable tie sleeves can be worn up or down, to fit into a change of scenery at a moment’s notice. Its bold red is perfect for making a statement, and will put your sorority rush nerves to rest. It’s made with love and a tinge of nostalgia, to make every day you wear it the good ol’ days. The punchy hue is flattering on just about every skin tone, and we love it with a contrasting, darker jacket or accessory. 

Gentle Fawn Kiana Dress: You’re a forward thinker, right? Then this dress is great for you, because it’s great for layering once the air starts getting chillier. It’s colored shadow blue, and goes wonderfully with a jacket or a cardigan on those cool nights. Infused with a healthy dose of elegance and made to catch the eye, this one is as great for date night as it is for your family BBQ out back.

Visit In Style Maxi: If ‘chic’ is your middle name, then this tie-front stunner is the perfect match for your style. Once you put it on, you’ll start hearing the beach calling you, and before long you’ll find yourself wearing it whenever you want to relax and catch some rays. Its nautical-inspired stripes act as a magnet pulling you towards adventure, whether it be braving the hike to the best waterfalls, or surviving another day at work. Whatever it might be, you’ll be ready for it in this one!

Sweet Love Tie Front Dress: Sweet is what you’ll be in this cute number. It’s a delightful little piece of fashion heaven, but throw on a black leather jacket, and you’ve got a gorgeous mix of fine and fierce whenever you need it! The magenta plays well on its own for an elegant event, and it sets the standard for charm at any party you hit up. Made with linen for breathability on those hot days, with a tie front to wrap you up with an adorable bow.

If you run into us when we’re out, chances are we’ll be in one of these gorgeous dresses. Our new arrivals are full of them, with all the accessories to make your outfit perfectly fit for you. They’re the best way to keep track of what makes life beautiful!

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