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The Look for Less!

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Let’s face it: great clothes can get expensive. Everyone ogles over those cute dresses and to-die-for tops until they check the price tag. We’ve all been there, and before Piace Boutique was a thing, we just left the store without our dream outfit. Now that it is a thing, you can actually have what you’ve been dreaming of wearing, and you can wear it without spending your life’s savings.

Case in point, check out the above photo. She just looks so fun to be around, and her clothes are a big part of it! But, it’s going to be costly, even though it might not look like it at first. The truth is - and we all know it - pants, especially white denim ones, can run you 3/4ths of the way to triple digits, easy. When you pair that with the top, we’re talking some real cash for a simple, fun outfit. We’ll, we’ve got that fun outfit waiting for you, with our Laci white denim skinnies, and our deep blue I’m Right Here halter top. The jeans are lightly distressed for some character, and the halter top is a solid, royal blue, that gives you a regal air while keeping things carefree. They’ll also keep your wallet a bit heavier, too.

How about a dress like this one? It’s lusciously striped, and people pay top dollar for a beautiful piece like this. But the reality is, you can keep that high-shelf dollar and opt for our Top It Off striped midi instead (which is on sale at the moment!). While it’s not as pastel, it does have the cutest ruffles and side ties, and you can finish off the look with our Camila wrap wedge. You can even go a step further and give it an autumn feel with out Monarch leaf bracelet, and save that top dollar for a rainy day.

Chillier weather calls for snuggly clothes, and this outfit captures perfectly the in-between days in the fall, before the winter. Cardigans are perfect for those warm-turned-brisk days, when you need something stylish to block out the cold breeze. A great cardigan usually runs you right out the store with its price tag, but with us, you can get the same great look from the comfort of your own home. We have a few cardigans that will go perfect with your fall attitude, starting with our Main Focus cardigan. Keep it simple with a pair of jeans and a white tee, or go with our Lost In Love chenille cardigan to bring the class-meter up a notch.

Surely’, you must be thinking, ‘there’s nothing like this designer ruffle dress.’ Well, we’ve got you there. Enter our Forever Fun ruffle dress, which is infinitely more fun at a much lower price. It comes in a lovely shade of wine, and is made with silk, complete with all the ruffles you could ask for. This one is perfect for tons of occasions, from a elegant formal, to a night out with friends, and even to wear around the house if you’re in a fancy mood. It’ll have you thinking, ‘designer dress? What designer dress?’, as soon as you put it on!

Yes, great clothes might be expensive, but only if you don’t know where to look. And obviously, you know where to look! So now that you know, why don’t you stay a while, and look through our new arrivals? There’s something there that’s sure to catch your eye! (Images above via Pinterest)

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