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Why Accessories Matter

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Subtle or showpiece, vibrant or muted, heirloom or trendy: without accessories, fashion as we know it wouldn’t exist! They have the power to transform an ‘eh’ outfit into an exceptional one, all by adding a little extra something into your style. With great power comes great responsibility though, so we’re here to share some of our reasons for why you should accessorize, as well as why they’re the lifesavers they are in the first place. Enjoy!

They transform - Just take a look at Exhibit A above: on the left is our lovely Under Control dress, complete with gorgeous model, and on the right the same model wears our Hidden Truth cardigan as an accessory to her already stellar outfit. The dress is a bombshell on its own, but with the cardigan it takes on an entirely different aura. From a bit on the serious side, to a bit of a pep in her step - all with an extra layer! That’s just one example from literally millions, as every outfit you own could be transformed from what it’s always been into something even better. Experiment with your closet, and see what new outfits you can create!

They add longevity - Besides having the power to transform, they also have the power to breathe new life into your wardrobe, and more than once, too. If you have an array of accessories in a variety of colors, you could turn a plain black dress into an elegant dinner-date outfit, or a carefree deal for lunch with your girlfriends, or an appropriate funeral ensemble, for a bit of range. No matter where you’re going, it’s your accessories that will give you the perfect look for it, and you’ll be able to wear your favorite dress everywhere you go. Don’t retire your older clothes just yet; all they need is a bit of life, and you’re good to go!

They personalize - Fashion is a statement, after all, and it’s especially one about yourself and who you are. If you wear what you love, then you’ll be showing off your own unique style to the world, and accessories are some of the best things to do it with! Because there is such an incredible variety to the accessories you could wear - from earrings, to bracelets, to anklets, to rings, to necklaces, to headbands - it’s almost impossible not to show a bit of who you are in your style. Don’t believe us? Think about hoop earrings: what kind of person do you think rocks those? Or maybe it’s not hoop earrings, it’s our subtle-but-elegant Crystal Avenue bracelet: what would that say about you if you wore it? All it takes is a bit of thought, but in the end, it’s the accessories that let you really be you!

They start conversations - Your favorite accessory could be the perfect icebreaker. Take our Bold Type clutch, for instance: you’ve got on your show-stopping pastel-pink dress, with your lovely violet clutch by your side. You make your grand entrance, and one of the first things they see is the flash of vibrant purple under your arm and the gorgeous sense of style you’ve got, and it creates a lasting first impression that makes them eager to know more about you - all from one accessory. You can utilize a bold accessory to make a bold first impression, or some more subtle ones for a smaller but equally lasting impression. Wear what you love, and leverage your accessories to help you stand out from the crowd. Your own personal style is a wonderful thing to talk about, and your accessories should beg the conversation!

Accessories are some of our favorite things, so we could go on and on about them - but we’ll leave it there. They’re versatile, filled with personality, and have the most amazing transforming power to them, so it’s no wonder that we love them so much. Stay a while, and browse through our new arrivals to see what we mean!

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