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Winter Accessories for the Holidays

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Winter Accessories for the Holidays

Brace yourselves: winter is closing in upon us! The chill is already in the air, the pumpkin spice is out in full force, and you can hear the faint sound of Christmas music playing as you walk past the storefronts. Some of the most wonderful parts of the season, though, are the holidays that accompany it. The time that you get to spend celebrating with family and friends is something to look forward to the whole year ‘round, but a close second are the outfits that you get to show off while you celebrate! The wintertime has its own style, especially in the accessories designed to ward off the cold. Here are some of our favorites accessories for celebrating the holidays with!

Scarves - From knit to infinity, there’s a plethora of styles to choose from for the chillier months. The classic red-and-green plaid is perfect for Christmastime, and for Thanksgiving, a nice, fall-inspired solid Lydia Scarf is perfect for the occasion. For those cold walks gazing at the Christmas lights in your neighborhood, our Natalia Scarf in all its white-and-navy crinkled glory will keep your neck warm like nothing else will. When you’re holed up inside because of the blustery weather outside, our Jayne Plaid Blanket Scarf is a great snuggle partner for those snowy days off.

Boot socks/Fuzzy socks - With winter comes the necessity (and blessing) of warm socks, and we couldn’t be happier. Why wear boots if you can’t wear our Striped Lace Boot Socks, to up the cuteness factor by a few notches? And what would Christmas morning be without wearing your fuzziest and most off-the-wall socks while you open presents? Socks are the perfect accessory to cozying up to a fire with, as well as for exploring a winter wilderness blanketed with snow. You can call us crazy, but getting socks for Christmas is exactly what we want this year!

Beanies - Accessories during the holidays should keep us warm from head to toe, so the natural progression from fuzzy socks would be a fuzzy beanie. Beanies are great for a couple reasons; for one, it’s the perfect blend of function and style, keeping your head warm with wonderful knit patterns, like our Knit Slouchy Beanie. Second, they come in every color of the rainbow, making for an incredibly valuable accessory. Any holiday you can think of can be represented with the beanie, from a Hanukkah blue and white, to the classic Christmas red and green, to a Kwanzaa black, red and green. No matter what you’re celebrating this year (maybe you celebrate them all!), use a beanie to top off your festive outfit.

Gloves - They make snowball fights bearable, cold mornings before work manageable, and keep you lookin’ chic in the process: gloves are some of our favorite winter accessories! There’s a range of gloves open to you, from regular snow gloves, knit mittens, to fur-lined leather. No matter which one is your style, gloves are there to hold your hand tight on a cold winter morning. We love these Heritage Wool Nordic mittens from L.L. Bean, as well as this fancy pair from Ralph Lauren (on sale now at Macy’s!). They’re the perfect stocking stuffer, or great for when you’re out galavanting around searching for the Christmas tree that’s just right for you.

Winter is one of our very favorite times of year, for so many reasons. A lot of those reasons are the winter accessories that we get to wear, and it makes the season for us. We hope that your celebrations this year are warm, wonderful, and fashionable! 

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